Protect yourself, make your DNS resolver private

Date Published: August 20,2018.
































DNS stands for Domain Name System and it is a directory for the Internet. Website names are linked to a numeric address and this is done to make it easier for humans to handle. The DNS resolver is a specialized server in charge of finding the address of the websites you are looking for in your web browser. Your computer is pre-configured to connect to a specific DNS resolver which is done by IP address. This DNS resolver is usually managed by your ISP (Internet Service Provider). This means your ISP is capable of collecting and tracking your web activity. You can change this DNS resolver address by changing the IP address.


You have a plenty of alternatives for your recursive resolver. Some focus on speed and others security but the best choice would be a DNS resolver that can do both. A recent contender to fill this void comes from Cloudflare ( and They claim to “operate the fastest public resolver on the planet while raising the standard of privacy protections for users.”. While their claims sound good, they are a third party you cannot audit and have no visibility into. This is the case with any system you decide on. Ultimately you need to trust the provider which takes control out of your hands.  You still have options to protect yourself like encrypting your traffic and using VPN connections but they alone will not provide adequate protection either. We have seen services like HideMyAss, IPVanish and PureVPN claim “no logging” but did collect logs and can potentially share the information.


No standalone service seems to fill all of our needs if our objective is to be completely anonymous and agile while browsing the net. We need to implement multiple services to achieve the goal of anonymity which should be your end goal to avoid bias or becoming a target. If your information is collected, it can be used to manipulate outcomes that impact your daily life and from this , everyone that you know!


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A new kind of element for a connected world.
A new kind of element for a connected world.