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Sweet Online transactions can go sour in real life



When dealing with anything, even if it doesn’t involve an exchange of goods or money, you should always apply common sense. This can be particularly difficult if you are impaired in any way. Some helpful things to look out for when completing an Online transaction in the real world:


Always clarify the terms up front.


No question is too stupid. You have to feel secure about the transaction before it is complete because you may never see this person ever again. Feeling secure is a good first step .  but more can be done to ensure a successful transaction, you have to verify the goods are in working order before any exchange occurs.


Only accept what was advertised.


If you are reaching out for a product or service, you want to receive exactly what you ordered. In today’s world, you can always find that limited edition, one of a kind thing by the hundreds. Don’t settle for anything else than what you were offered and if the seller shows up with a different product, just walk away. You are not waiting their time if they came to the transaction with a different product, they are waiting your time!


You get what you pay for.


When dealing with people, this is not always the case. Experience goes a long way in determining if that once in a lifetime deal is actually worth the advertised price. You need to go into the transaction with the mentality that you are buying broken goods or sub-par services. You wanted to avoid overpaying for something but if you didn’t clarify the terms and accepted an alternate when you met in real life then chances are you are going to get ripped off.


Never reveal your full hand.


There is no need to talk about how much you were willing to pay for something. When negotiating a price always avoid negotiating with yourself and always ask for an initial price. This is done to avoid offering more than what the other party is willing to accept. If you reveal that you are willing to pay more then chances are they will want more.


Protect your information.


It can be difficult to remain completely anonymous in a transaction which involves interacting with another human being. You can use aliases, public rondayvoo points, avoid pictures but know that once you meet face to face with someone, they will know something about you that can ultimately identify who you are. This doesn’t have to be a negative point it also means you have the same potential to identify the other party so be alert and note any identifying features like tattoos,piercings,birthmarks,eye color,hair color,height, skin color and any other features that are obviously visible.


Become a local


Always present yourself as someone from a local region or that you frequent that region. This makes it harder for the other party to offer prices foreign to the region. To give this credibility you should always research the region. Simple things like searching Google maps or researching a few of the local hangouts before the initial contact can go a long way to selling your story if you drop hints of these locations. Avoid using tourist traps or remote locations.


If it goes sour


You have to be ready to say no and leave. Do not entertain excuses, do not give the person a second chance. By asking questions before the meet-up, they should have clarified or offered any information that would have changed the goods in question. They are scamming you and you should walk away, IMMEDIATELY!

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A new kind of element for a connected world.
A new kind of element for a connected world.